3786 Jakopyörästön ajoitustyökalusarja, Renault

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3786 Jakopyörästön ajoitustyökalusarja, Renault
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This comprehensive set of tools enables the correct engine timing to be held when servicing Renault engines.

For Chain and Belt driven engines the application includes Laguns 2.2d/TD, Safrane 2.2Td, Espace 2.2TD, Trafic 2.5D and Master 2.5D/TD
•This comprehensive set of over twenty tools enables the correct engine timing to be made when replacing the timing belt.
•Suitable for use on most popular cars with either petrol or diesel engines including: Laguna 2.2D/TD, Safrane 2.2TD, Espace 2.2 TD, Trafic 2.5D, Master 2.5D/TD
•Applications are supplied on CD
•Full OEM cross reference and guidance notes on component usage are included
•Metal case available Part No 4553

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